I'm a 31-year old voice actor and singer in an indie rock band here in the great city of Portland!
I provide the best voice over tracks for your commercials that need an enthusiastic and high-energy voice that brings the attention to your brand that you need!
You've gotta stand out from the competition, let me be the memorable voice that brings your story to the forefront of your market!

I've been playing with my indie rock band for 8 years, and we've premiered at venues all over Oregon!
We've been privileged to be the opening gig for bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Modest Mouse!
We're going to be the next big thing, check us out on Spotify and Apple Music!

Audio is my life!
I have a professional audio booth that is used for voiceover and music recordings. I received my degree from Portland Music Academy in audio engineering, and my booth is the most sought after in the greater-Portland area for studio rentals. I do all of our in-home mixing and audio production with years of experience. No need to be worried that you're getting some cut-rate audio production and post-production tracks.
You're going to get the best audio samples that Oregon has to offer!

My primary microphone that I use for voiceover is the Neumann TLM 103. I've found that this microphone gives my voice the cleanest and most accurate sound to bring to your voiceover stories! But I've got a wide range of microphones to choose from if there's another sound that you're trying to get.
Just let me know what you're looking for! You're in good hands with me!

My Commercial Demo Because we're living in a material world... MP3, 72KB
My e-Learning Demo Click on "next" to begin this module... MP3, 54KB
My Corporate Demo I can be the voice of your success... MP3, 66KB

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